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Student Awards

At John Barnett School positive behavior is acknowledged in many ways. If you follow the school rules, you will be recognized through our Leadership initiative. Every student who receives a PAX Point slip will be entered in a weekly draw. We also recognize Students of the Month for exhibiting good character, taking part in our home reading program, and demonstrating PAX Leadership.

Learning to get along with others is an important life skill. Our expectation is that every person at John Barnett School will be the best he or she can be, through being:

·         Respectful

·         Kind

·         Positive

·         Forgiving

·         Resilient



In 1986 the Porteous family created a citizenship award at John Barnett School in loving memory of their son Bryce. Each June we recognize one student from grades 1 - 3 and one student from grades 4 - 6 who regularly demonstrate excellent citizenship. These students contribute to the school by striving to do their best, by taking pride in the school, and by being contributing citizens at the school.