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2024 - 2025 Registration

If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, you can register for school online. Visit the Division website to learn how to 
register for school

You will need to pre-enrol on SchoolZone to tell us the school you’d like your child to attend next year. Find important dates and deadlines and learn more about pre-enrolment, which opens February 1.
If you have questions about registering for school, contact the school office.




At John Barnett School we believe our greatest gift is the diversity of our students and community. We celebrate our students by creating a safe and welcoming environment where every child can flourish and feel proud of themselves.  All students are encouraged to "be the best they can be".  Together we can build outstanding learning opportunities for all students, advance actions towards anti-racism and reconciliation and promote a comprehensive approach to student and staff well-being and mental health. 



Principal's Message

Principal Message


At John Barnett, our greatest gift is the diversity of our students and community.  We celebrate our students by creating a welcoming environment where every child can flourish and feel proud of themselves.   When they believe that they are capable of success, growing  academically, socially and emotionally; amazing things can happen!  We believe in the importance of an intentional, proactive and comprehensive approach that promotes the core values in all phases of school life.  At John Barnett, we follow the seven teachings which are Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility, and Truth. Each teaching honours one of the basic virtues intrinsic to a full and healthy life.

Literacy and Numeracy are part of our daily work, with interventions for those students that require additional support.  At John Barnett we are committed to our District’s Mission of high quality public education that serves the community and empowers each student to live a life of dignity, fulfillment, empathy and possibility. Our parent community is vital in the success of all our students and we encourage all families to be active in their child’s learning. We strive to build strong relationships between staff, students, families and look forward to meeting everyone through the school year.

Please remember to check SchoolZone regularly.  Passwords are sent out at the beginning of each year so that all parents can access Schoolzone for each child in their family. 

As we welcome back our families for the 2023-2024 school year,  I am excited to once again  be your child’s principal at John Barnett School.  Together; our school staff,  families and school community  can do Great Things as we work towards making John Barnett the best possible learning environment for our students.

Please feel free to contact me at (780) 478-1351 with your questions or concerns.


Jill Sharun